Don’t Miss Summer

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The Winter of 2013-2014 was exceptionally rigorous.

You have a right to an endless summer. Start HERE. Pack in a lifetime of Summer in one afternoon in a quintessential 4th of July setting that would make even Norman Rockwell blush.











Visit the Marblehead Festival July 3-6. And while you’re at it —  Buy my art ­— Or at least cast your ballot for best of show at the Mixed Media Exhibit at St. Michaels Church.

Boat Yard Art and other New Work will be on display.





















Above: I Only Lie to Liars

46 Inches X 46 Inches; Acrylic On Canvas,

Mixed Media – Boat Yard Art


Below: The Mysterious Barricade (Detail)

46 Inches X 24 Inches; Acrylic, Resin, Wood, Mixed Media – Boat Yard Art



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