A Special Kind of Stupidity – A Career of Creativity and Running

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First, lets get one thing straight; running is stupid and boring and nobody cares. This is how I feel when I hear other people talking about running. My eyes glaze over and I try to shift the subject. If people persist in asking me about my running, they get various half-truths depending on what I […]

I Could Do That – How to Get Rejected by The New Yorker in 10 Easy Steps

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Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor of the New Yorker has been doing the media rounds in promotion of his new book, “How About Never — Is Never Good for You?: My Life in Cartoons.” I’ve heard a couple of fascinating NPR-ish radio interviews in which he reveals the behind the scene workings of the New […]

Only The Tchotchkes Survived

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In the beginning what it meant to be a graphic designer was simple.  A shiny new mac, a big desk overflowing with sketches and ironic tchotkes. The location was a hip office in a thriving economy where the job description was as clear and clean as Helvetica: 8-10 thrilling hours a day creating logos, posters, […]