“Jack, what’s more important, ideas or prose?”
“Prose. Ideas are a dime a dozen.”

This brief exchange between Jack Kerouac and Zoot Sims sums up my feelings about the difference between those who have big ideas and those who make those ideas happen. I take great pride in not only being able to think differently, but also have the ability and persistence to deliver. To put it down solid… the “prose” if you will.

This is an example of turning an abstract concept into a deliverable good. Through the use of the online “How To” website, snapguide, I created an off-beat piece that promotes the book, Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman and later, And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White. Each piece is entertaining and informative. It shares enough about the books content without blatantly promoting it. The rules of Social Media best practice dictates that you must give value before you earn the trust of potential buyers.

Check out How to Turn a Pebble Into Gold by Rob White on Snapguide.